Exclusive Interview With TH: Part 2

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Exclusive Interview With TH: Part 2

Beitrag  *la fleur de bill* am Do 16 Aug 2007, 21:02

Exclusive Interview With TH: Part 2
Here's Part 2 in our exclusive online interview with Tokio Hotel...

What’s been the funniest Tokio Hotel moment so far?
Bill (laughs): There are so many, it’s impossible to pick one. We had our own camera team with us on the European Tour and they caught a lot of private moments. Maybe you’ll get to see some of those pretty soon.
Tom (laughs): Actually Georg is so clumsy, he delivers funny moments all day long! You should see him – it’s hilarious.

Which celebrities have you met?
Tom: We met a couple of celebrities – Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, the Pussycat Dolls, but it’s not that we know them. People always think that you hang out all the time and have a big party backstage when you meet each other at festivals or shows. But actually everybody does their own thing, gets ready for the show and that’s it.

What is your favourite hotel in the world?
Bill: We are lucky, we stay often in very nice hotels. But there’s none we could pick.

What do you want to achieve by the time you’re 30?
Tom: We still want to be Tokio Hotel, making music, travelling around and playing live shows.
Bill: We want to do this as long as possible - until we die.

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