Rock One Interview: Part 4

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Rock One Interview: Part 4

Beitrag  *la fleur de bill* am Fr 06 Jul 2007, 23:07

Rock One Interview: Part 4
Here’s the final part of Rock One’s interview with Tokio Hotel.

Rock One: Do you listen to Scream differently now that Room 483 has been released?

BK: Yes of course, when we listen to Scream it seems like it’s a long, long time ago…(laughter)! Can you imagine – I just turned 13 when we recorded it!
TK: The songs on Scream are very important to us at the same time though as we have spent so much time performing them. We’ve adjusted them though, they’ve grown the same way as we have. That might be why we don’t feel nostalgic about them, because they’re such a part of our daily life, even today.
BK: We still love our first album. We’re not the type to distance ourselves from our tracks simply because they get older with time or because our new tracks could replace them in our hearts. They really are a part of us.

Are you nostalgic about the early days?

BK: Yes of course, we have many memories about our beginnings. Remembering them is like protection against thinking you’re more than you really are. I like remembering first times - the first time we went into the studio, our first gig, our first TV appearance, our first tour in France for example. They’re always moments of extreme excitement, a feeling you don’t necessarily feel ever again. Memories like this also help us see how far we’ve come, how we’ve developed.
Georg: We have a good laugh when we look at old photos from the early days. In those moments it’s quite natural to be nostalgic, but we’re having such a great time at the moment that we don’t really miss anything about the old times.
TK: And when we started we were real amateurs, we didn’t know anything about a musician’s life, about rock. Like the first time at a recording studios, we were looking at it with big astonished eyes. I can remember that we thought of everything as being massive! (laughter) It’s true that we don’t feel the same way about these things anymore. Experience has brought us other joys and ways to motivate ourselves.
BK: It’s also true that everything is going really fast for us, we don’t really have the time to be nostalgic.
TK: Actually I am quite nostalgic about our first tour – it was amazing. It’s because of moments like those that we are where we are now and that we’re doing what we’re doing. We can’t wait to go back on tour!

Is it true that you reveal the mystery of Room 483 in one of the tracks on the album?

BK: Yes, it’s true. We don’t want to give away more than that though, it’s up to the fans to find out more. We don’t want to spoil the fun for them! Nevertheless, this room did exist and it was in this very location that we made a big step towards our new album. We’ll tell you more next time… (laughter)!

Gustav and Georg, you don’t say much during interviews. Is it fair to say that you’re shyer than the others?

GL: (laughter from the twins…) Yes, they don’t really let us say much and we have two big mouths in our band who don’t stop talking all day! No no, I’m only joking, I just simply think that we are more quiet than the others, more reserved, which is also what creates the balance and rhythm of our band. In fact, we take part, in the best possible way, in all important decisions about Tokio Hotel. I would also like to take advantage of holding the microphone to thank all of our French fans who follow us around from our arrival at the airport to the end of our gigs – it’s crazy! Thank you a million times!
Gustav: I think the same as Georg! (laughter from the others)

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