Rock One Interview: Part 3

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Rock One Interview: Part 3

Beitrag  *la fleur de bill* am Fr 06 Jul 2007, 23:03

Rock One Interview: Part 3

Check out part three of the band’s Rock One interview - you'll find part four right here soon.

Rock One: How do you keep yourselves motivated?

BK: I think we’ve already achieved a lot. We’ve always followed our own path without any exceptions and without any arguments within the band. We follow our instinct and do what seems to be good for us at that given time.
TK: With our first album we fulfilled a number of our dreams and this is what we talk about in our new songs. With Room 483, we realised how much our fans have been looking forward to this new album. We want to show our audience that to achieve freedom, sometimes all you need is a little bit of self-criticism. We have new hurdles to overcome every day anyway, new perspectives to take into account with pleasant and unpleasant surprises. That’s life, isn’t it?

Room 483 seems much harder and rockier than your first album. Was that your intention?

BK: Yes, there are definitely more guitars on Room 483, which is a natural development really, because we’ve played so many gigs since the first album and have adapted our sound to big venues and concert halls.
TK: There are also a number of ballads on our new album. We like mixing the two styles – hard, angry tracks and more romantic ones. We didn’t actually say to ourselves, ‘Let’s record a rockier album,’ it just happened during our recording sessions.

How did you approach the new album? Was the aim for it to be really commercially successful, or to please your current fans?

BK: To be honest we didn’t have a precise goal when we started songwriting for our second album. The songs came up naturally one after the other with no specific concept in mind. We didn’t think about the pressure of success while recording them, although we did imagine our new tracks would work.
TK: Of course we don’t want to disappoint our fans, but to be honest, while recording our album that was not our priority. We mainly tried to create good songs we would enjoy performing over and over.
BK: We really tried to let go when we were recording, and not think about the pressure or where it could come from. The great news was that we had more studio time, that was a real luxury. We worked with the same team of producers, and because we had more time we could really do what we wanted to, which wasn’t really exactly the case for our first album.

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