Rock One Interview: Part 2

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Rock One Interview: Part 2

Beitrag  *la fleur de bill* am Sa 30 Jun 2007, 01:05

Rock One Interview: Part 2

Read on for the second part of Tokio Hotel’s interview with French music magazine Rock One – part three coming soon…

Rock One: Do you think your fans were surprised by your look in the ‘Ready, Set, Go’ video?

BK: That video was actually really weird for us as we had to wear horrible clothes and walk through a depressingly grey city! We weren’t worried about our image, we were just playing the roles that we thought were right for the song. Walking through the city alongside the clones was our way of describing the ordeals life can hold for us, but also the limits that you have to overcome to really achieve freedom.

Which is what you’ve done with Tokio Hotel…

BK: Yes, you can certainly see parallels with our lives.
TK: It’s true that we’ve all started a new life, that we’ve all changed with the success of our band and that by following our dreams and working hard, we’ve managed to avoid the obstacles that can face you as a young German who wants to do rock music. We’ve been able to get out of our social background and follow our passion without any limits.
BK: Nevertheless we always encounter new barriers and set ourselves new goals. I think it’s the same for everybody: you get what you search for and once you’ve achieved it, you immediately start looking for a new goal.

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