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Rock One Interview

Beitrag  *la fleur de bill* am Sa 30 Jun 2007, 01:03

Rock One Interview

Tokio Hotel gave an exclusive interview to French music magazine Rock One recently. We’ll be bringing you highlights over the next few weeks – here’s part one for starters…

Rock One: You stayed in Cannes recently. What was that like?

BK: It was amazing. We stayed in a magnificent hotel with sea view, we held interviews on a sunny terrace near a big pool under palm trees. Believe me, coming from northern Germany, this really means something!
TK: We also realised that we’ve been getting more and more French fans. There were loads of screaming people who’d been waiting for us for hours.
BK: The only annoying thing was that I had to leave the others there and go back to Germany for an important event.

Rock One: The video for your single ‘Ready, Set, Go’ is really interesting. What was the shoot like?

BK: It was a very demanding shoot, because to work for 28 hours non-stop!
TK: We worked with 60 extras, and to make the footage dark like the lyrics, we created this futuristic city. All the extras played clones, with shaven heads, dressed in army clothes.
BK: We wanted to give the impression that the clones freed themselves through our song, because that’s the theme of the track: getting people to believe in themselves, to follow their own ideas and opinions, even if they are contradictory to mainstream opinion. Sometimes have to free yourself and live your own dreams, like we have been since the beginning of Tokio Hotel.

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